Anonym asked:
IB/Garry in 8


I wasn’t sure if you meant just Garry, Gar or Ib, or both so I hope this is ok


I wanted to do at least one of them somewhat for real


a little cover for a mix that will hopefully be up soon

[background image]


petition for a sequel starring Lobco


"You thought killing Master would end your suffering? Come on, you really didn’t think you could defeat a programmer that easily, did you?"

used this neato tutorial and made some mastermind alter ego.

you can see the still chihiro and mastermind pictures here.

plan to do a selfie series so I thought I’d get some practice in with my bae

I’m really starting to like using exaggerated features as far as hands, arms, and legs go

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(Quelle: shuusnose)

thinkin bout my main man

I have no idea when I’m going to use this but I still think it’s cute so I’m posting it

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the fuck is this shit