I have no idea when I’m going to use this but I still think it’s cute so I’m posting it

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the fuck is this shit

im finally developing a real chibi style and im very happy about it be happy with me



practicing with different styles by drawing character sheets yeehaw

ok but look at this

no one looked


oh yeah i forgot i was working on dmmd fantasy designs

uh here

painting practice with the bae <3

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The cloak concealing him blew with the breeze, 
moving just enough to reveal large scars on part of his body,
appearing almost as if the sorcerer was cracking like porcelain.

I have this headcanon where Wallenstein cannot posses a human form or remain on earth without first harboring a soul of some kind. If the chains that bind that soul to him are not reinforced constantly, ‘his’ body can begin to alter into a more satyr like form and, if it is not handled then, ultimately shatter to pieces.

This was supposed to just be a doodle of him passing buT THEN

"i’ll just do a quick doodle" i said

"i don’t want to get into anything big right now" i said

Decided to make a full version of a Hawk Party pixel I made a couple days ago!!

isa souma is my spirit animal